A Former Employee Statement About Nan Inc Lawsuit Issue

Nan Inc. owner lawsuit.. Things started with a former in-house counselor for Nan Inc. filed a lawsuit last month, saying he was fired after advising Nan officials not to engage in unlawful activities related to the $9.2 billion Honolulu rail project.

Bosko Petricevic, the whistleblower who brought the complaint, now claims that Nan Inc. President Patrick Shin sought to get him dismissed from his new employment as an attorney with Clay Chapman Iwamura Police & Nervell in Honolulu after media stories about the lawsuit were published.

He claims Shin phoned Gerald Clay, his new firm’s supervisor, with the intent of harassing, threatening, or attempting to dismiss him. He has modified his initial legal suit to reflect this. Shin did not identify the objective of his call in a voicemail message left for Clay, who is a Star-Advertiser.

When asked if Shin would provide his business in exchange for firing Petricevic, Petricevic responded, “I’m quite certain.” No need to be a genius, because my firm handles a lot of litigation in the field of construction.

Shin denies attempting to threaten Petricevic’s job. Shin claims he’s had a professional connection with Clay for more than 15 years. He stated that his firm had worked with the firm on more than two dozen instances and that he collaborated with Clay on the construction of schools in Cambodia.

“I have professional contact with both him and his wife. I spoke with their firm’s lawyers. “I’m not sure why Bosko is acting mad because I contacted one of the lawyers over there,” Shin explained. Yet Clay didn’t respond to comment.

According to Petricevic’s lawsuit, Nan sought to “double-dip” by filing damage claims with both a subcontractor and the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation, or HART, for the same concerns.

He further says that Shin and Nan Inc Vice President Nick Flores devised a strategy to blackmail Thompson Metal Fabrics by threatening to expose the firm to the federal authorities unless TMF agreed to pay Nan Inc damages.

According to the complaint, “when Mr. Petricevic emphasized the extremely unlawful nature of such a plan, Mr. Flores physically grabbed Mr. Petricevic and commanded him to shut up.”

What you should know about Nan Inc. lawsuit that the latest one was achieved by one of its previous in-house counsel, however the result was clearly in the organization’s approval.

Shin stated that his firm intends to file a countersuit. Nan is a crucial figure in the train project. The firm has a HART contract worth up to $400 million to relocate utilities in the Honolulu city center to make room for the elevated rail line’s development, as well as a $218 million deal to build six rail stations.