A Guide on Things You Should Know About Disability Claims 

Living with disabilities is already tough. On top of that, if the sufferers do not have any means to support their day-to-day financial needs, life can become hell. Considering how important it is to help such citizens, the Fayetteville and Washington County government-run two schemes, SSDI and SSI. Sadly, despite the law, it’s very hard to access the benefits under these schemes. 

Many people living with disabilities either get very little compensation or their claims get entirely rejected. If you’re going through a similar tussle, you require a competitive compassionate Fayetteville social security disability attorney

Experienced lawyers at law firms like the Gallo Cazort & Co. Law Firm have represented, fought, and won cases for many clients. According to the legal definition, disability claims can be filed under SSDI and SSI under the following situations. 

  1. Permanent physical and/or mental disability that hampers the sufferers from earning their bread and butter. 
  2. The disability would require at least a year for full recovery before the sufferers can get back to their job. 
  3. The disability prohibits the sufferers to return to their previous jobs or their line of work completely. 

Also, if the sufferers have gone through a trauma (physical/mental) due to which they cannot work at the same position they used to work at or cannot find a suitable alternative with similar monetary benefits, they can apply for claims under SSDI and SSI.

That being said, justice doesn’t come easy. Most claims are rejected. If your claim has been rejected at Washington County too, a skilled attorney can offer the much-needed help in the following ways. 

  1. They offer a fully confidential, free first consultation where you get to narrate your ordeal. The lawyers then suggest the best option. 
  2. When they represent you, they take a step-by-step approach to get your claim passed. It starts with applying for reconsideration. 
  3. If the reconsideration application is rejected, they will present your case in front of an administrative law judge.  
  4. If the judge fails to come to a decision, they take the case in front of a jury. 
  5. If all initial approaches fail, they finally file a lawsuit and fight for your rights in the federal court. 

All in all, since the hardships are many and your future is in line, you require somebody who’s very skilled, thorough, and justice-driven so that your claim is finally approved. Whence, be very mindful when you’re hiring an attorney to represent your case.