Can You Pursue More Personal Injury Compensation After You Accept a Settlement Offer from the Insurance Company?

If you have been injured in a car accident because of somebody else’s negligent behavior and received a settlement as compensation for your losses, you may not be able to reopen your case. When you settled your claim with the insurance company of the other driver, the latter asked you to sign a release of liability that prevents you from bringing any future claims related to the same accident or injury. If you signed the release, the insurance company may have sealed the deal. 

What to Know About Your Personal Injury Case

 Although each accident has unique circumstances and every personal injury case is unique to its settlement terms, reopening or relitigating the case won’t be possible when a judgment has been made. This is often based on the inclusion of the release of liability by the insurance company. So, if your settlement amount ends up not covering the damages you incurred, you no longer can’t try to get more from the insurance company. No matter the type of accident you were involved in, you must get your settlement right the first time by hiring an experienced injury lawyer in Cedar Rapids from the get-go. 

In general, you only have one chance with a personal injury claim and the results can affect your future. If you have a significant injury, recovering from it may be a long and hard journey that can require significant resources to get your fullest recovery.  This means that you should not leave getting the compensation you deserve to chance. 

What is the Release of Liability?

A release of liability is a legal clause or document that says you release the at-fault party from all future liability related to your claim. Thus, as long as that party fulfills the settlement terms apply to them, they can’t be sued in the future for more injuries that may develop. For instance, if you suffer more injuries than you first realized, you won’t be able to pursue extra compensation for these injuries if you signed the release of liability document. 

Consult your Attorney Before Accepting Any Settlement Offer

Insurance companies will try to take advantage of your situation and make a speedy settlement offer before you can understand how extensive your injuries are. Although accepting such an offer may be the easiest way to end this unfortunate chapter in your life, keep in mind that you will be signing away your right to pursuing extra damages if you will have more injuries later. Before you accept any offer, consult your attorney first because they know how much your claim is worth.