Can You Sue For First-Degree Burns

You take a nice, hot shower, but discover that your skin stays red for much longer than usual when you depart. It may even hurt and your skin may peel later. You have had a first-degree burn. 

What do you do if it wasn’t your fault? It would be good to talk to a burn injury attorney to see what kind of case you may have. 

What Is a First-Degree Burn?

People who get first-degree burns only have the top layer of skin, otherwise known as the epidermis, be affected. These only last for several days before healing and sometimes skin peeling can accompany it during recovery. It usually does not cause long-term damage. 

While first-degree burns are generally the mildest of the three burn types, they can be over a good portion of one’s body and cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Sometimes the damage can be aesthetic, with the skin color changing at the burn site. These burns tend to heal on their own but sometimes medical intervention can be needed. 

Possible Things That Could Cause First-Degree Burns

  • Electrical Burns – One can get burns from anything ranging from an extension cord to wall sockets to an appliance.
  • Sunburn – This can happen to anyone at any age, even if they use sunscreen (sometimes they don’t get a strong enough SPF).
  • Scalding Burns – People usually get first-degree burns from this. It can be a hot liquid off the stove, like soup or hot water, or even having the water be too hot in the shower. 

Why Would One Sue Over This?

The main reason that one would sue is if the burn was due to negligence. Perhaps someone was visiting a friend or a family member and they brought their baby with them. The person who they visited didn’t baby-proof their home and had open wall sockets and the baby poked their finger in it and got burned.

Another possible case could be against the manufacturer of a hot water tank for making the water too hot, thus causing the scalding in the shower. Children and elderly people can be the ones most affected by this. If it was caused by a defective item, then that would be another reason to go to court. 

There are attorneys who specialize in first-degree burns. It would be best to talk to one so that you can possibly go to court and get compensated for your pain. Then you can recover much of your old life.