Common Causes of Uber Accidents

It’s a sad fact that Uber accidents are a common occurrence. More than 1,000 Uber accidents happen every day around the world.

What are the most common causes of Uber accidents?

The most common cause of an Uber accident is driver error. It’s important to remember that drivers are human beings, and they’re not always perfect. They may be tired, distracted, or inexperienced—but even if they’re not drunk or high on drugs (which isn’t illegal), they still make mistakes. This can be dangerous if they don’t follow safety rules when driving people around in their cars.

Another common cause of Uber accidents is weather-related issues like rain or snowfall. If the weather is bad enough, it can make driving conditions unsafe for both drivers and passengers alike—even if neither party feels like it at first glance!

The weather can also play into other types of problems with Uber cars. For example, if there’s ice on the road because it’s been too long since any precipitation fell from the sky (which has happened many times before), then your wheels could slip off course and send you into an accident instead of braking properly at an upcoming curve ahead of time, so you don’t spin out entirely unexpectedly.

 Tiredness is also a major cause of Uber accidents. When you’re tired, it’s hard to stay focused and alert on the roadways. This makes you prone to making mistakes like failing to stop at a stop sign or crossing over into another lane without checking your surroundings first.

Another cause of Uber accidents is distracted driving (or “distracted walking”). If you’re looking at your phone while driving, it’s easy to forget about what’s going on around you and where you’re going. This can lead to getting into an accident or even crashing into something!

Finally, drunk drivers are also a major cause of Uber accidents because they don’t know how much alcohol consumption affects them behind the wheel—and it’s usually too much!

The Driver Perspective

As an Uber driver, you’re tasked with the responsibility of ferrying human beings from one place to another. Sometimes, your job is covered with risks such as possible accidents. In such cases, you need to back yourself with the support of a qualified Uber accident attorney

If you are the driver, here are some common issues that make you accident-prone, or increase your risk of injury if you drive for Uber:

  • You’re driving too fast for the road conditions and weather conditions (or even just for traffic)
  • You have poor concentration skills or a history of losing focus while driving
  • Your car has faulty brakes – especially if this has happened before
  • You have untreated medical issues that could make driving dangerous for you
  • You operate without proper training or education about safe driving practices


If you find yourself in an Uber accident, you should hire a qualified Uber Accident lawyer. They’ll help you deal with the legal requirements for compensation, and get over the accident.