Don’t Make These Mistakes After a Car Accident

A serious car accident can be devastating. You may be scared and injured and have a lot of people trying to assist or tell you where to go. Also, you might not be sure what exactly to do. It is common to feel confused in the chaos of a car accident. Because of this, it’s important to know what to do and what not to do before an accident happens. A good Tullahoma injury attorney will protect your rights and work to get the compensation you deserve. The following are the common mistakes people make after a car accident:

Leaving the Accident Scene

As a car accident victim, it is natural to be scared or even panic. However, panicking too much can cause you to make serious mistakes. Leaving the accident without exchanging information is a crime. This is true when property damage takes place and the penalties can be even heftier when the accident causes injuries or fatalities. You don’t want to deal with these legal complications. Also, leaving the scene of the accident could have you losing your right to compensation. So, make sure to stay and get the contact information and insurance card of the other driver. Document the incident with a police report and collect evidence if possible. 

Not Getting the Police Involved

Sometimes, law enforcement may not respond to traffic accidents in person if the accident happened on private property, nobody suffered injuries, and no criminal activity is suspected. However, you still have to call 911 to determine whether you must call the police. Often, a police report is a significant piece of evidence in a car accident claim. Usually, insurance companies depend on police reports to determine who is at fault for causing an accident. By contacting a police officer, you get the evidence you may need to prove your claim.

Ignoring the Importance of Immediate Medical Attention

Even if you feel fine and think that you don’t need to leave in an ambulance, you must get examined by a doctor. Some injuries don’t present symptoms right away and can devolve into a life-threatening condition. For instance, you might not feel injured after the accident but if you are bleeding inside, your blood pressure will continue to drop to dangerous levels. A doctor will monitor your blood pressure and vital signs or use diagnostic imaging to identify internal bleeding. Without proper treatment, internal bleeding can be deadly.