Falsely Accused of a Sex Crime — What Do I Do Next?

The United States has a rape rate of 20%, meaning that one in every five women will be a victim of either a successful or unsuccessful attempt. The National Sexual Violence Resource Center found that approximately 3.10 percent of sexual assaults are reported to authorities. More than two-thirds of crimes aren’t recorded because of this. So, what happens when you’re falsely accused of a sex crime? What do you do next? While no one can predict your exact path after being falsely accused, here are some tips on what to do immediately after being falsely accused of sexual battery California.

Finally, it is important to prepare for media coverage by following these simple steps: limit social media posts; ask family members not to comment on the case; consult with your lawyer before giving an interview and only talk about what happened if the interviewer asks specifically about it.

Find a criminal defense attorney

False accusations are serious, and in today’s society, there is an intense emphasis on victimhood. Even if you’re found not guilty, the effects will linger for quite some time. This blog post may provide some help as you navigate your way through the legal process.

First, one needs to file a civil suit against the accuser for any damages that may have been sustained due to the false accusation. Second, one should get an order of protection to protect them and their property. In California, you will need to get a criminal defense attorney to help you with the legal proceedings against you. The more time spent preparing for trial, the better. Your criminal defense attorney will be by your side throughout this process, and it is critical that they are experienced in defending people against these types of allegations. They will help you review all the evidence that has been collected and make an informed decision about how to proceed. They can also guide you on what steps to take next, such as choosing whether or not to plead guilty or go to trial.

Gather evidence

You need to gather evidence if you are falsely accused of sexual battery. First, contact any witnesses and ask them for statements. Next, collect evidence on your person supporting your defense, such as text messages, emails, and pictures. You will also want to collect video or audio recordings of the incident where it took place. In general, the best thing you can do when falsely accused is to maintain an open line of communication with law enforcement and your attorney while gathering evidence to support your claim.

Get the evidence to your attorney

You should call your lawyer and let them know what has happened, so they can begin building the defense case. Additionally, you will need to get the evidence from the crime lab to prove that it was not you who committed this sexual battery in California. The police will ask for DNA samples when they arrive on the scene. You don’t want to give in as evidence any blood or other bodily fluids without first talking with your attorney about it. If you are falsely accused of sexual battery, simply report the incident to the police and collect as much information about the accuser as possible (i.e., name, address, social media account).