Finer Opportunities for the Best Visa Lawyer

Guarantor of the good constitution of your file, the immigration lawyer is your pillar but also your conductor throughout the duration of your request. He is aware of all the finer points of American immigration law and its evolution, thus assuring you of a correctly and fully formulated request.

  • An ill-constituted file or one with missing elements is inevitably put on the sidelines, delaying your procedure. If you are refused a visa, it can then be more complicated to file a new application.

You may already know, but there are several ways to get your green card, and your lawyer can tell you more about the green card related to marriage, family ties, investment, lottery, or again the green card linked to another American visa. The o-1 visa lawyer is the best option there now.

In any case, you are probably wondering if you are “eligible”, and, if so, how long the whole procedure will actually take, and if your spouse and children will also be entitled to it. Also, are you sure you can keep your green card, or can you be stripped of it? And under what conditions can you apply for American nationality?

So many questions that your immigration lawyer can answer

The choice of a lawyer, often made in an emergency, is an important decision to think about, taking into account several criteria such as the specializations available, availability or fees. So that you can choose the best lawyer, here are some tips. 

Choose your lawyer well

What are the criteria for choosing a lawyer?

If you need to hire a lawyer, it is important not to choose them lightly. Indeed, even if several of them may be competent to assist you with your legal problem, choosing the right lawyer is crucial. It is the person to whom you will confide, ask for advice, and who will defend your rights.

In order to make the right choice for your lawyer, 5 criteria must be taken into account:

  • The nature of the case that you will entrust to the lawyer
  • The location of the firm
  • The first contact established with your future lawyer
  • The prices charged
  • The reputation of the lawyer
  • By taking these different factors into account, you can determine whether the lawyer you are contacting is the right lawyer for you.

Need a lawyer near you?

The nature of the case assigned to your lawyer

The choice of your lawyer will depend first of all on the nature of your case.

First, determine if you need:

  • legal advice
  • accompaniment before the courts
  • Indeed, some lawyers specialize in advice while others offer to defend you in the case of litigation or litigation
  • Then assess whether your case requires the intervention of a specialist or not