How Can You Find The At-Fault Driver In A Utah Car Crash? 


Utah’s car crash scenario is quite scary. Every year the number of injuries and deaths is increasing due to road accidents. 2021 alone witnessed more than 320 fatalities in the state.  

Because of Utah’s ‘no-fault’ car insurance system, you have to rely on your personal insurance policy for all immediate expenses. The process of filing a suit against an at-fault driver is highly complicated. So, finding the at-fault driver is reasonably necessary.  

What to Do To Find the At-Fault Driver? 

  1. Take Pictures– Everybody has a mobile phone with a camera these days. You can use this gadget in a time of urgency. If you find yourself in the middle of an accident, start securing proofs with the mobile camera. Take pictures of the vehicles and the area. Every little detail can be useful for a lawsuit. These pictures will come in handy in proving the driver’s fault. 
  2. Talk to the Witnesses– If you are not seriously injured, you can help by getting the necessary information from the witnesses. When a car accident happens on the road, many people witness it. They can identify the faulty driver. 
  3. Call a Lawyer on Spot– Calling a lawyer on the accident spot will be a quite sensible move. Call an attorney right there so that he may start investigating from the spot. It will help in the latter procedures.  
  4. Report to the Police– Call the police as soon as possible. The police will come to the place and make a report. Further investigation will rely on this on-spot report. 
  5. Passenger’s Statements– The passengers in the car can help in the investigation process. So, you must note down all their names and contact information. 
  6. Local CCTV Cameras- The police can see the local CCTV cameras to identify the at-fault driver. 

Final Words- 

Several people die every year in car accidents Utah. The state’s no-fault policy makes filing a lawsuit against the faulty driver quite tricky. The expert accident lawyers from Moxie Law Group can help you in this situation.