How to Find the Georgia Sex Offender Registry

If you are a concerned citizen that lives or has loved ones that live in the state of Georgia, you might want to know how to find the Georgia sex offender registry. Sex offender registries are in place in order to provide an extra layer of security for children and families that might live near registered sex offenders. Georgia wants to keep its residents safe, so they require all convicted sex offenders to register with the local Sherriff’s office so that their information can be added to the sex offender registry database.

Locating the Official Sex Georgia Sex Offender Registry

The official way to find the sex offender registry for Georgia is to locate and visit the Georgia Bureau of Investigation website. In accordance with the state laws of Georgia, registered violent sex offenders will be listed on the site along with their photo, convictions, and current residence. Whenever a concerned parent or guardian wants to do a routine check to see if they live around sex offenders, all they have to do is input the zip code and they can find out who and where sex offenders are in their area.

The Sex Offender Registry

Because of Megan’s Law, all convicted sex offenders must register in compliance with their state’s laws when they are released from custody after their sentence. Every state will have its own laws and regulations regarding which cases are to be considered for registry. Some states require sex offenders to stay registered and continue to provide current information for as long as they live. Other states will have limits of time, based on the severity of the crime that was committed. In Georgia, all registered sex offenders have to remain registered until a court of law mandates that they have been exempted.

Georgia Sex Offender Restrictions

A convicted sex offender in the state of Georgia can not live within 1,000 feet of any public park, any school, any childcare facilities, any neighborhood centers that involve children, private parks, children’s playgrounds, gyms, skating rinks, or anywhere else that children could be.

On top of the living quarter restrictions, convicted sex offenders are not allowed to work or volunteer for places that offer services for people under the age of 18.

Why Sex Offender Registries are In Place

Megan Kanka was a young girl that was brutally raped and murdered by a convicted child molester that quietly moved in across the street from her and her family. The man that attacked her had a history of sexual abuse crimes against children. He was allowed to parole and live among the unsuspecting people in that neighborhood until he decided to commit a horrific act that killed a child and devastated the community. Sex offender registries give an opportunity for people to know when sex offenders move in near them or their families. Sometimes just knowing that a danger exists is enough to save a life.

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