Lawyers Need to Recognize the Importance of Having an Effective Lead Intake System

Just having an excellent marketing campaign isn’t enough to attract new clients to a law office. To do that, lawyers must become experts at turning leads into paying clients. It takes a good deal of work to convert leads, but it’s the only way to make sure all those marketing expenses are actually paying off. Read on to find out why every law office should have an advanced lead intake system for lawyers in place.

Maximize Return on Investment

In today’s highly digitized world, most people take to the Internet to search for lawyers when they run into legal trouble, need to file a civil suit, or have other concerns that can best be addressed through a consultation with an attorney. As a result of this ever-increasing reliance on the Internet, successful law firms have devoted large portions of their budgets to developing effective digital marketing campaigns. If successful, they’ll draw in traffic to the firm’s website and entice people into filling out contact forms or performing other targeted actions.

The thing is, potential clients don’t just choose the best-looking law firm and immediately commit to working with their first choice. Like all consumers, legal clients like to shop around. If they don’t get timely, personalized responses from one law firm, they’ll move on to the next one almost immediately, and all that money spent on marketing will be wasted. Having a streamlined lead intake system in place will put a stop to the lawyer search and encourage potential clients to follow through.

Stay Competitive

It doesn’t matter how skilled a lawyer is in court if he or she can’t attract enough clients to make a living. The problem is, there are a lot of law firms out there, and many handle incredible volumes of cases. The huge vase volumes handled by established firms often leave smaller firms wondering why they can’t compete. In many cases, it has nothing to do with the level of service being provided by the lawyers. Instead, it’s a matter of how quickly and effectively bigger firms manage to onboard new clients.

Smaller law firms and lawyers in independent practice often assume that they don’t have it in the budget to optimize their client intake systems. Unfortunately, this attitude, in itself, can wind up costing them a lot of money. As in most fields, it takes money to make money when it comes to lead generation and conversion. The best way to stay competitive is to implement the same tactics used by larger law firms and focus on not just marketing outreach, but also lead conversion and new client intake.

Empower Employees

Part of the reason that some law firms have a hard time keeping up with lead conversion is that the employees don’t know how much of a difference it makes. Teaching employees to handle client intake will help to remove potential choke points while simultaneously empowering them to take on greater responsibilities. Plus, if the team can handle client intake with limited attorney involvement, it means there won’t be a massive sales deficit the very next time lawyers are out of the office or heading out for a much-needed vacation.

The Bottom Line

Lead generation receives a lot more attention than conversion and client intake, but it shouldn’t. Developing an effective intake system may take more hands-on work for the firm than just hiring a new digital marketing company, but it’s well worth the effort.