Property Crimes Types and Safety Measures to Follow 

Crime against one’s property are many things. It can be the destruction of any structure or carrying out any illegal activity on the property. Learning about all kinds of property crimes has become important today, especially to the residents of the places where the crime rates are quite high. It helps such residents to hire the help of an attorney when such property crimes happen on their properties.

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Property Crimes Types

Here are some property crime types for you to stay alert to and safeguard your property from all possible threats.

Violent Property Crime 

This is a kind of property crime where the opposite party uses some means of threatening the victim including horrendous acts such as rape, murder, and something else. Sometimes, there will be the involvement of weapons as the mode of threatening the current owner of any property.

The common kinds of property crimes that happen are armed robberies or carjacking.

Entrepreneurial Property Crime 

This is a property crime where there is an involvement of illegal purchasing, selling, transportation, manufacturing, or even the distribution of a property. The common kinds of crimes include trading, selling, counterfeiting, and transportation of stolen goods. Sometimes this crime will be even associated with drug charges.

Destructive Property Crime 

This is the crime that is associated with the illicit or illegal destruction of any property due to arson or vandalism. Destruction of the property with arson can even lead to an added charge sheet against the criminal in the form of murder or an attempt to murder.

Fraudulent Property Crime 

Fraudulent property crime, as the name suggests is a crime that is committed with the goal of depriving the victims of the legal rights of their properties. Deception, and also some unlawful procedures are utilized in this kind of crime, and the victims can sue the offenders to get monetary compensation for the loss incurred.

Stealthy Property Crime 

This crime is an illegal procedure that is considered a non-violent, non-consensual, and also non-fraudulent theft. This crime is associated with burglary and larceny.

Safety Tips Against Property Crimes in Austin

Here are some safety tips for the Austin residents to escape from all possible kinds of property crimes.

  • Always stay alert and keep a closer eye on everything that is happening around your property.
  • Always make sure that the access points to your house or building are locked and the keys are secured. This goes for cars and other such vehicles too.
  • Some door types require special kinds of locking mechanisms and such options should be safely installed onto all the doors such as the French doors, sliding doors, and so on.

The best way of avoiding all the chances of suffering from any kind of property crime is to make sure that you have safeguarded your property and assets as required.