Sherman Oaks truck accident: What’s the role of a lawyer?

Truck accidents in Sherman Oaks often have overwhelming outcomes. Commercial trucks are massive in size, and in the event of a mishap, drivers often have a hard time maneuvering the vehicle. Trucking companies are regulated by a separate set of federal & state regulations, and besides the truck driver, there could be many parties at fault, including the trucking company. If you are wondering whether you need to hire Sherman Oaks truck accident lawyers, here’s an overview for your help.  

Your lawyer can evaluate your claim

California is a fault state that has very claimant-friendly laws. If you had a share in the fault, you could still seek compensation from the other at-fault party. Because truck accidents often lead to devastating injuries and losses, compensation tends to be on the higher side. Talk to an attorney, and they can help evaluate the worth of your claim. They can also discover the factors that can affect what you get a settlement, such as your fault share. 

Your lawyer can investigate and gather evidence

It would help if you had a truck accident lawyer because they can help you gather evidence. A lot of information that can come in handy to bolster your case is with the trucking company, and without an attorney, you may have a really hard time gathering the key details. Lawyers know the job and get evidence efficiently. They can also talk to medical experts about the extent and nature of your injuries, and to prove your claim, they may even hire accident reconstruction experts. 

Your lawyer can negotiate better

Big trucking companies have top insurance companies, which are often a step ahead in denying and delaying claims. Negotiating your truck accident claim directly with the insurance company could be a stupid move. Lawyers can do that better, and they can spot bad faith insurance tactics, which claims adjusters often use. 

Your lawyer can file a lawsuit

A trial could be a really expensive option for all parties involved, but for some cases, that is necessary. If your insurance claim has been denied or the settlement offer is too low, you should consider hiring a lawyer. Top-rated lawyers don’t step back from dragging big truck companies and other parties to court and will do everything possible to get you a fair outcome. 

Just make sure that you hire a personal injury lawyer who has extensive experience working on truck accident claims. You can also check online reviews to compare your options.