Situations Where Hiring An Immigration Lawyer Is Necessary

Immigrants are advised to play an active role in the overall immigration process. A lawyer guides an immigrant through proper channels and makes the required legal arguments. The success of the entire process is facilitated when the attorney works with the immigrant to compile the required information and make the filings within the required time.

Below is a list of when to hire an immigration attorney:

If One Can’t Figure Out The Available Options

Workers with the necessary skills may qualify for multiple green cards or visas, but it is not easy to find the best and fastest option. A seasoned immigration attorney assists the worker and the employer in deciding on the best visa that suits the worker’s qualifications and employee needs. Such issues arise in family-based and other types of visa situations. For instance, an engaged person can get married first and enter the US with an immigrant visa or obtain a K-1 fiance visa. The latter allows the spouse entry to get married and apply for the green card later on by adjusting the status procedure. The process, which is fast and more advantageous, depends on current policies, government fees, and processing times.

For Employers Seeking To Hire Foreign-Born Workers

Most people relate immigration law with individuals of immigration status finding legal help. However, this is not always the case; business owners have to reach out to immigration attorneys to secure the much-needed support. Business owners have to handle the complicated immigration laws on behalf of clients to achieve a realistic ultimatum. Sponsoring an employee for a green card is best suited for working professionals who understand legal matters to save time and money.

Sponsoring a worker for a green card requires the employee to complete the labor certification (PERM) process. The employer must place job advertisements with the acceptable ads in a specific language. There are many deadlines and timeframes involved, and ensuring the process is done completely is essential. In addition to helping workers through the PERM process, employers have to complete Form 9089 with no room for mistakes. Employers can learn more about the processes at Employer Recruitment Responsibilities under PERM. Many immigration lawyers specializing in the ins and outs of Form 9089 assist employers throughout the process and related to work visa applications.

For Clients Encountering Delays

When approving applications, delays caused by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or the consulate drive immigrants to hire an attorney. Government bureaucracy sometimes plays a big part in the loss of such applications. A lawyer hired, in this case, has access to the inside inquiry lines and may request answers for delayed cases. Seek advice from a seasoned lawyer or from an official higher up in the agency to know the progress.

When Immigrants Find Themselves In A Difficult Position

Clients in a tricky spot who cannot determine the favorable options have to consult an immigration attorney. Several instances exist when a person may require assistance unavailable from other sources. An individual may be attempting to work in another country, or the employer may be trying to hire an immigrant employee. Clients could also try to get family members to receive citizenship. The process may involve a case where a person needs to fight the deportation process and find a way to return. Hiring an experienced lawyer, in this case, will ease the pressure and minimize the time, which saves money in the long run. Immigration lawyers have the required experience to guide clients in the overall process.

When An Immigrant Is Overwhelmed By Paperwork

Immigration laws, regardless of the client’s immigration situation, require a lot of paperwork. Hire a seasoned attorney to assist in gathering crucial documents and filling out complex forms. Clients who secure an experienced lawyer have peace of mind as their immigration application is in good hands.

Immigration attorneys help clients in various types of situations. Such legal professionals assist immigrants in applying for jobs and socializing with people, which opens employment possibilities.