The Facts You Need to Know about Uncontested Divorce in Texas

Uncontested divorces are a form of divorce in which both the parties mutually agree to separate legally. So far, it is the kind of divorce that is accomplished fast with low expenses. However, a couple agreeing to an uncontested divorce needs to understand certain legal matters relating to Texas law.

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Things needed to consider for qualifying to file an uncontested divorce in Texas family court:

  • The spouses shouldn’t disagree on any issues of the divorce agreement.
  • Both of them haven’t lodged any complaint against each other on the grounds of adultery, cruelty, unfaithfulness or in any other way.
  • You both don’t have biological or adopted child/ children below the age of eighteen or still studying in high school. In case you are parents of a minor child, then you can’t file for an uncontested divorce.
  • The case automatically gets rejected if the wife is pregnant even though her husband isn’t the father of the child.
  • It is disqualified even if the wife is a mother of a child of another man since the date of their marriage.
  • A disabled child’s parents can’t file for an uncontested divorce. Even if their disabled child is an adult.
  • No one will support financially the other spouse after divorce.
  • There is no common property they own that needs to be divided during the divorce procedure.
  • Both can’t be involved in still at process bankruptcy legal issues.
  • The couple is residing in Texas for more than six months to verify that they haven’t recently shifted to get a divorce under Texas laws. They need to live in the city for at least ninety days while they are filing the divorce case.

There are steps to undertake to file the uncontested divorce according to Texas laws. Your family lawyer specialized in divorce law will provide you with the right information and support you to follow the procedures without any hiccup.

The steps are:

  • Firstly, fulfill the ‘original petition’ for the divorce. If you belong to a different country, then do file the petition there before coming to Texas.
  • You will require paying the fees for the filing fee to your country’s district clerk in your country or Texas.
  • Then provide notice to your spouse that you have filed for divorce in court.
  • The next step will be filling up the form of ‘final decree or divorce’.
  • You have to wait at least sixty one days after filing the ‘original petition’ for divorce before your case will be presented before the judge.
  • The judge needs to sign the ‘Final Decree of Divorce’ before filling it with the court clerk.
  • Make sure to have its copies with you to proceed with other procedures post-divorce.