Types of Cases You Can Expect Family Law Attorney Dallas TX To Deal With

There are several types of family law issues, however, they have one common and essential factor than the rest of the cases. These types of cases involve more emotions! Issues like child custody, a divorce have serious consequences and are at high stake, you will find yourself in a puddle and it can overwhelm you.

Speaking to a family law attorney Dallas TX makes sense, their guidance and experience can help have an effect on the outcome of your case. Their knowledge on how family law works, how to build a strong case, how to represent their client and legal document filing can be done with ease.

Some Family Law Cases:


In recent times, the cases of divorce have drastically risen! When a couple decides to mutually end their relationship and dissolve their marriage, things might sort out well. However, not every divorce ends with mutual agreement. In fact, even mutual decisions come with complications of assets and debts to be shared.

If they have kids, they need to think of custody too. A divorced couple often doesn’t reach an agreement, and that’s when the matter gets a little serious. It became crucial to file a case in the family court, and talk about custody, child support, asset distribution, and more.


Child custody is a continuous and very prolonged issue in divorce cases. Often, the couple is unable to decide who gets to keep the child, and that’s when the court can intervene. Imagine the kind of impact, traumatic and emotional that will be on the child who has recently discovered the unacceptable divorce issues! You need to calm your mind and make a rightful decision for your child.

Child support lawyers in Texas often work vigorously and work on various factors that can help your child. They know the law takes into consideration both parent’s income, the child’s need and desire, the physical condition of the parent, mental health state, and more. All of it helps the court arrive at a conclusion, and you expect it to be in your favor!


Family law ensures everything that circulates in the family is taken into proper consideration, which also involves adoption matters. There are ample regulations and rules laid down to ensure the child’s best interest is provided. A couple or individual planning to take the big step and adopt the child must comply with the rules.

Adopting a child isn’t an easy take, it involves filing documents, dealing with length paperwork that results in delay. In fact, there are parental background checks done as well. A family law attorney Dallas TX can prepare you for the same, give you great guidance and make sure you have a successful adoption.

Order of Protection

Order of protection is granted by the court, which speaks of one of the parties who is legally required to stay away from the other. If a person is found not following the order, serious actions can be taken by the court. This type of protection is usually provided in cases that involve harassment, abusing, and being intoxicated.

The order of protection may also contain further important and additional instructions that the abuser needs to follow without fail. If the abuser violates the order and goes against the court, the victim can approach the police and get the abuser arrested in no time, leaving them in jail too.

Domestic Violence

These cases are painful, traumatic, and very emotional. It deals with abuse and threats between people closely related to, a family. Restraining orders and orders for protection are applicable in domestic violence. One cannot ignore the kind of impact domestic violence leave, and therefore you need to seek justice legally. This type of case is also a serious part of family law cases which demands a fair decision by the court.


Our family law attorney Dallas TX at Bailey & Galyen handles the most challenging family issues involving a minor child. We also provide a great amount of support, guidance to the custodial parent. Our understanding of child support and care is maximum. We attempt is to provide knowledgeable advocacy if any issues that will be in favor of you.