What Happens When You Are Pulled Over for DUI in Phoenix?

Phoenix, AZ, offers plenty of opportunities for celebration. The city plays host to several events that intend to celebrate some aspect of it. The annual springtime M3F fest and Innings festival are fine examples.

Besides the fun and frolic, celebrations involve plenty of delectable foods and beverages. And with those beverages, one can be assured of their containing alcohol. While alcohol might elevate the fun factor, it is bound to up the injury and body count if mixed with driving. 

Any Phoenix resident can point to Interstate-10, which runs through it to California, adjudged one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Driving with alcohol in one’s system on such roads is dangerous.

It is with this intent that Arizona has introduced some of the harshest DUI laws in the country. If you are experiencing the heat of these laws, a Phoenix DUI Lawyer is the one to call for help.

The Chain of Events That Follow After DUI Pullovers in Phoenix

Arizona DUI Laws lay out the steps its legal establishment must take after catching someone under them. However, not every cop or authority figure goes by the book; they could violate some personal laws during their crackdown. A Phoenix DUI Lawyer who’s specialized in this matter is your best bet at turning the tables in your favor.


Once you’ve gotten pulled over, the officer verifies your IDs and their suspicion of your DUI. You’ll have to blow into a breathalyzer and might also have to get out of the vehicle to perform maneuvers meant to filter out the DUI ones. They might also search your motor vehicle for open alcohol bottles or drugs.

AZ DUI laws state that there’s implied consent by you to undergo a breathalyzer test. The “Per Se” Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limit is 0.08%, and the one for enhanced/aggravated penalty is 0.15%. The limit for the under-aged is 0% BAC.

Conviction and Arrest

If you fail in any of those tests, you’ll be convicted of DUI or arrested right there. A conviction will force you to install an ignition interlock device, besides mandatory Alcohol Education/Treatment. Some cases might involve the loss of one’s driving license.

With arrests, you’ll face jail time depending upon how the court proceedings happen. It could also involve heavy fines to the tune of thousands. Your fate in court depends on how well your lawyer defends you there.

Call for Help

Be it conviction or arrest, calling for legal assistance is allowed. While the excessive heat of Phoenix might force you to behave hastily, along with the shaky nerves, it’s best to remain calm and cooperate. But do involve your DUI lawyer right from the start.

With their experience and expertise, they’ll closely inspect your situation and evaluate the best course of action. Your lawyer will interact with the police and the court on your behalf, gather evidence that could help your case from police reports and other sources, and conduct other activities necessary to keep the harsh laws from bringing you down.

The mythical bird Phoenix has the incredible ability to resurrect after being brought down by the situation it’s facing. A Phoenix DUI Lawyer can help you come back to normalcy like that bird after facing the wrath of the state’s DUI laws.