What Should You Do When You Are At Fault For A Car Accident?

While determining fault in a car accident is a very complex investigation, there are situations in which you know or you feel that you are the guilty party. For instance, you know you were texting so you were distracted and couldn’t activate the brakes in time. Whenever you are faced with this unwanted scenario, what you do is very important. Mike Morse, car accident lawyer in Detroit, MI recommends the following.

The Important Notification

After exchanging all important information, getting treatment, and coming home, you need to notify your insurance company. Do not admit fault though since there will be a future investigation that will determine that. Also, when there is a personal injury claim filed against you, make sure to hire an attorney to help you.

What you should be aware of includes some topics that most people do not actually know much about.

Fault And No-Fault

Most US states are fault states. This means that if you are at fault, you are liable for all the losses of the other passengers, drivers, and practically anyone harmed. Damages include medical bills, vehicle damage, pain, suffering, and lost wages.

In the no-fault US states, insurance laws force the vehicle owner to have personal injury protection. This is a coverage type that is activated after the car accident and will take care of the payments needed to cover the compensation of the personal injury claim. The at-fault driver can only be sued in some specific situations.

Vehicle Damage Liability

Most accidents do not lead to personal injuries. They only show vehicle damage. This is important because no-fault car insurance does not apply to such damages. The other driver can submit a claim to the insurance company and that insurer will then contact your insurance carrier to get reimbursement.

All this means you will most likely not be required to pay for damages but your insurance company will. As a result, your insurance premiums will end up going up in the future.

Crash Injury Liability

As the driver at fault, your biggest exposure appears through the personal injury lawsuit. The car insurance company will sell you the liability coverage that you want. However, most people do not have enough to deal with the catastrophic injury claim, which is when severe bodily harm or death was caused.

As an example, if your liability insurance is $200,000 but the lawsuit hits $600,000, your liability will be $400,000.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it is important to be cautious and talk to an attorney as soon as possible if you are at fault. This will help you so much more than you think. Even if your insurance coverage is very good, you might be faced with the unwanted situation in which you still need to pay for damages from your own pockets.

The help of the attorney should never be underestimated. We are talking about very complex laws and you most likely do not have the legal knowledge needed to navigate them.