What You Should Know When Negotiating a Fair Injury Settlement

If you have sustained injuries because of a car accident caused by another driver, you are eligible to seek compensation for your losses. However, recovering what you deserve is not always a simple process. The responsible party often contests your claim, leaving you and your family going through a lot. Usually, the insurance company of the other driver will make a very low offer and if you accept such an offer on paper, you will forfeit your right to seek more compensation. This makes it important that you should let a Toledo injury lawyer negotiate a full and fair settlement for you. 

Knowing your Case’s Full Value

If you are like most accident victims, you probably have no knowledge about personal injury law, so you may not know what is fair compensation for your injuries. When you accept an offer, it might be too late to know that your medical expenses and lost wages are higher than what you thought. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Toledo knows how to calculate the full value of your injury case.

How to Negotiate a Favorable Settlement

When filing a claim for compensation, you must understand that insurance companies are not on your side. Even your own insurance company will want to close your case as quickly and cheaply as possible. Never speak about your accident to an insurance adjuster or anyone else if you haven’t consulted a good injury lawyer. To negotiate a fair settlement, your attorney will file a claim for you and send an initial demand letter that tells the insurance company what you think is a fair settlement. Usually, the insurance company will respond to the latter with a counteroffer. This process can happen repeatedly until you reach an agreement or until you decide to bring your case to court.