Why You Should Not DIY your Divorce

A lot of people choose to file their divorce to try to save money or because they are confident they can accomplish this task on their own. Indeed, many websites are now available, encouraging people to consider a DIY divorce and offer documents couples can use.

However, divorce is a complicated process and can impact every aspect of your life. And because only some terms of your divorce can be changed in the future, if something goes wrong you may have to live with it for life. Things can get complicated when you file your own divorce. Although you may not be prepared to spend money on Centennial divorce attorneys, having an experienced legal professional that has successfully handled divorce cases is money well spent.

How Much Does Divorce Cost?

Aspects of divorce can’t be modified in some cases or only except for rare circumstances like property or debt distribution, child support, alimony, and child custody. You should ask yourself if you can live with the cost if you won’t be able to see your kids as often as you could have if you would have worked with an experienced divorce lawyer. The cost of changing a modifiable aspect will be twice or even thrice the original DIY cost. Did you know that a simple typographical error can be costlier to get done than when you would have an attorney checking documents for you from the get-go?

Common Problems with a DIY Divorce

It is not advisable to represent yourself in a divorce if your spouse has hired an experienced lawyer. The attorney will work towards a deal that will benefit your spouse. They will take advantage of the fact that you don’t have legal representation. They know from experience what a great deal is and how to get it. Also, they know all the intricacies of the law that could leave you with a settlement that is less than what you deserve.

If you don’t understand the law, you won’t know your legal rights and options. A lawyer has the necessary education to help you in a divorce hearing and has practical experience negotiating and agreeing upon equitable settlements. They can uncover all potential assets in a divorce and help you get a fair settlement. A lawyer will argue your case and negotiate outside of the courtroom. They are aware of the paperwork that must be filed and how to meet the deadlines.