Arrested & Facing Criminal Charges in Singapore?

Have you recently been arrested? Facing criminal charges in Singapore? You need to talk to a criminal lawyer as soon as possible to fully understand the Singapore criminal procedure and the charges you are facing.

There are many criminal defence lawyers to choose from in Singapore; knowing which one is right for you is the key question? A free consultation is a good way to learn about your potential lawyer and determine if they best suited to handle your case.

Below, we have compiled a list of key points to consider when hiring a Singapore criminal lawyer.

Background and experience

The number of years your criminal lawyer has been practising for is an important consideration. Do note that the number of years’ experience is not the only thing. Ask what kind of cases they are familiar with and establish if they have the necessary skillsets you require.

Do you handle a high volume of criminal cases?

Is hiring a criminal representation lawyer who works alone suited to fight for your freedom? This type of lawyer will likely be inexperienced and likely to be handling many criminal cases on a daily basis, making them unsuitable to give you the attention and representation you deserve.

A lawyer with a good support team

You want an experienced criminal representation lawyer with a team of reliable assistants defending you. A one-man show criminal lawyer will not be able to strategize the same way a team can and may lack the time to prioritize your case.

Representation fees

A worrying trend is that people are seeking out the cheapest, not the criminal lawyer best suited to their particular circumstances. It is important to know in advance a range of how much you have to pay so that disputes do not arise in future. Generally, lawyers charge an hourly or flat rate. It is not unreasonable to ask for fixed fee service.

An Honest assessment of Your Case

Establish the severity of your case; you want the lawyers you meet with to give you an honest assessment and explore your various options. The last thing you want is unexpected surprises. Establish the following:

  • What happens if I enter a guilty plea?
  • Can charge/s be reduced?
  • Is it worth going to trial?
  • Which facts work in my favour?
  • Which facts work against me?
  • What is the suggested strategy in moving forward?
  • Understand the processes involved at each stage of your criminal investigation, from being charged to going to trial.

Establishing the answers to these considerations should point you in the right direction when considering the best criminal defence lawyer for your case.