Five Rules to Make Equal Shared Parenting Work

Is taking care of a child sole responsibility of mother? Some people still belong to the old school of thought, but the new generation is drastically changing their outlook towards parenting.

In many cases, it may arise in divorce cases where the court gives the child custody to both parents. In both cases, whether people are calling off their marriage or not, both parents take equal responsibility in financial, religion, or educational terms and in turn child shares the time with both parents.

It is mandatory for the best interest of the child:

Ask yourself, what is the difference when a child is brought up by the single parent versus a child is taken care of by both parents?

The child needs love and care from both of them. For example, if a man is more engaged in the professional life, and child is spending most of the time with his mother, in this case, the child is not only more attached to the mother but also very dependent on her for every need.

Mutual understanding and respect:

Gone are those days when the mother was the bearer of all the household chores and used to sacrifice her career to raise the child. Now, this notion has changed, from changing the diaper, cooking the food, to earn the bread butter for the family, both shares the equal responsibilities.

The child learns well from both parents’ experiences, and together they can inculcate a lot of values in and bringing a lot of confidence and positivity in child.

No bad-mouthing:

Being separated does not mean that people have the authority to create a bad image of the ex-partner. People who held themselves in “parental alienation”, creates a lot of problems for the child.

On the other hand, make it a rule, not to use the abusive language in front of the child. They are inspired mostly by the teachers and parents and ape them. A child follows the parent’s footprint, by doing so parent teaches them a wrong act.

Do something interesting:

At the growing age, a child needs to engage in a lot of fun activities and play. This initiative needs to be taken by both parents. Involve them in different activities to lead them to grow and make them more competitive.

This is the mandate part of child life, a life having full of fun and enjoyments. This age gives them a lot of memory they cherish it all their lives.

Proper planning and commitment:

“Commitment” brings a lot to a relation, an essential ingredient for all the relations. Let the child grow happily, this time will never come back.

A child flourishes well; both parents cast their shadow on them, to protect, to guide, and tobe a friend forever.

Even if partners decide to part ways, think, and focus on the child, don’t be self-centred. Take every responsibility of the child.

Somewhere deep down in heart, the child will always nurture the values, they are taught and pass them to the next generation.