Role of Circumstantial Evidence in Winning Employment Discrimination Case 

Employment discrimination cases are relatively hard to prove. If you were looking forward to proving the motive, you should rest assured it would need you to work out of your skin. You should rest assured that proving a motive in law would be relatively difficult. Wrongful termination and employment discrimination cases have been deemed relatively difficult to win, as the employee needs to prove that the employer acted with a particular illegal motivation. 

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When it comes to winning discrimination, wrongful termination, and retaliation cases, they would need the essential evidence to prevail. It would be pertinent to mention here that the answers would be based on the asserted claims, evidence, and other important aspects. 

The employer or manager would rarely admit that they acted with wrong intentions. You should rest assured that employment decisions are not based on sex or race. An employee cannot be terminated for reporting the employer to the government. Therefore, retaliation, employment discrimination, and wrongful termination cases would often look for circumstantial evidence. Usually, if you have adequate circumstantial evidence of discrimination, you would have a stronger case and enhanced chances of prevailing. 

There would be several forms of circumstantial evidence of illegal motive. A good way to show discrimination would be through evidence engaged by other employees in similar conduct. However, they may not have been treated in the same manner. Discrimination could also be proved through evidence that the stated reason for the employer is false. In the event, your manager has fired you on the pretext that he saw you yelling at a customer, but you and the customer testifies that you did not yell, but was polite, you should rest assured to have a case. The illegal motive can be proved with adequate circumstantial evidence.