Signs You Need to Hire a New York Child Custody Attorney

If you are struggling with whether or not to hire a New York child custody attorney, there are some situations where you should think twice about going to the courtroom without one.

Your Ex Already Has a Lawyer

If you know that your ex already has a New York child custody attorney, then you also need to consider hiring one as well.  You don’t want to think that your case didn’t work out in your favor, when your ex hired an attorney and you didn’t.

Your Case Has Gotten More Complicated

Sometimes you start out with what seems like a simple case, but it gets more complicated as you get further into it. For example, you may learn that your ex has changed his or her mind about the current custody arrangement or you think that he or she is going to try and persuade the court you are unfit for the kids to spend the night. Any complication like this means it’s time for a lawyer.

Your Case Crosses Jurisdictions

If you and your ex are in different states, then you need a lawyer to represent you. You will need to do all that you can to learn about the laws that can impact your case, especially if it’s international.

You Think Your Children Are in Danger

Losing child custody can be too much of a risk if you think your kid’s safety in on the line. Any time you believe your kids could be in immediate danger you also need to call 9-1-1.  You may even want to think about getting a restraining order. If you are worried about any potential repercussions, share those concerns with a lawyer.

Your Ex Is Preventing You from Seeing the Kids

If your ex is limiting any contact with the children, such as canceling at the last minute or denying visits, then the best thing you can do is hire a lawyer.

The Court Requires You to Participate in Treatment

If the court is requiring that you participate in anger management or parenting classes, or enroll in alcohol or drug treatment, then you already are at a disadvantage in the eyes of the court. You would need a lawyer to represent you. The only exception where you could still continue to represent yourself is if all parents are required to participate in these types of classes as standard procedure. This isn’t usually common so it’s best to consult with a lawyer.

The Circumstances of Your Case Change

If either your circumstances or your ex’s circumstances change then you want a lawyer to help you. For example, if either of you is remarrying, moving in with a significant other, or relocating, it helps to have representation.