Steps for a Worker’s Compensation Case

If you have been injured in work, then you must file a claim which would ensure that you would be getting the right help. You would be provided with medical expenses through worker’s compensation. There are several steps involved and you should have a good workers injury attorney by your side always. There are so many steps that involve you getting the right help. You should be acquainted with the process of having someone qualified with you.

Reporting your Injury: 

According to the worker compensation law, you would be having four days within which you must report your injury. This would help you in ensuring that you have the right help. 

A verbal comment would not do and therefore you must write a letter stating in detail about your injury. And if you have severe injuries, then your relatives or close friends could write the letter on your behalf and retain a copy for yourself as well and workers injury attorney would support you. 

Seek Medical Care: 

Your employer should be having a list of medical caregivers under the worker compensation law. You should, therefore, choose medical personnel from there for the duration of your injury so that you face no hassle with your claim and everything could be used as a witness by your workers compensation attorney

If your employer provides you with no list, then you could choose the one you want. When choosing a medical provider make sure that you talk and take advice from your lawyer so that you know you are not making any mistake. Your caregiver would play a great influence when it comes to your case. 

Reports Injury to Insurance: 

Your employer would have 10 days within which they have to inform the insurer about your injury. And the insurance would have 20 days after they have been notified to look into the claim or any statement that you have provided them with. They would either acknowledge or refute the claim. 

And this is when you would be requiring a great lawyer who would be able to help you. The main reason why a claim could be denied would be that there is not enough information and they think the injury was not work-related.  

You must get a definite answer as to why our claim has been rejected. If you are denied, always go for legal help with workers compensation attorney as they would know the ways around the maze and would be able to help you settle your claim.