The Best Lawyer You Can Trust Now


Filing a divorce, it is not just about assets and an equitable distribution of assets, but also for essential maintenance and custody issues. So it goes without saying that you only want to have these important matters in the hands of the best experts. But how do I find the best divorce lawyer? Here are tips on what to look for when making your selection. In this case you can have the best support from the best overland park divorce lawyer .

Internet presence

Check the website of the law firm or the respective divorce lawyer. Here you not only get helpful information, but you can also get a better picture of the ambience of the law firm and the areas of expertise of the law firm’s team.


Take a look at the office hours and office hours to see if they are compatible with your everyday life. Please also bear in mind that you may have to come to the law firm more frequently for discussions or should consult your lawyer by telephone. Lawyers are usually out in court in the morning and only available for discussions in the afternoon. 

In order for the communication to work optimally, the lawyer or his secretary must also be willing to call you back at a desired time. You should also go a bit towards your lawyer. Avoid law firms with which you can only communicate via the answering machine or the mailbox.

Initial consultation

Go to an initial meeting to get a first impression. Make sure that the initial consultation is billed at a previously agreed flat rate or at a fixed rate.


In order to keep costs as low as possible, divorce by mutual consent is the better choice. If there are still disagreements regarding property or maintenance issues, you can resolve these conflicts within the framework of mediation. If the lawyer is interested in clarifying your matter as cheaply as possible for you, he will explain and suggest these two approaches to you.

However, if it is not possible to obtain a divorce by mutual consent due to serious disputes, the disputed divorce must be chosen. This can be relatively expensive due to fees and follow-up proceedings, but a good lawyer will advise you as best as possible so that you can save some costs. A good lawyer will do their best to find the best solution for you.

The search

You can find the best divorce lawyer in a phone book or other directories, but most of the time, searching won’t give you any additional information. Use the Internet very comfortably, because you can visit the Internet pages of the lawyers to get a better picture of the legal representatives.

While you only get a title and a name of the divorce attorney in a telephone directory, law firm pages offer you additional background information on specializations, areas of law, additional qualifications, memberships and work experience.