Top Things You Must Know About California Drug Law

Having the right knowledge is essential when you are trying to challenge any drug crime arrest. With the right criminal defense attorney, you would be able to see justice only when you have the right help, case base and the right evidence as well which would be in your favor. 

California’s law when it comes to controlled substances, the laws regarding it have changed a lot. But you should never think that the arrest on drug use or possession would be any less. You have to be careful and here are some drafted answers or must know regarding what is important when it comes to California drug law.  

Marijuana Charge even though Adult-Use Cannabis is not illegal: 

Reading proposition 64 in 2016 would help you understand what is legalized and illegal. Proposition and subsequent legislation allow you to carry or possess 28.5 grams of marijuana by someone older than 21. 

Marijuana concentration possession of 8 ounces. You could use and consume cannabis products in a user’s private residence or in the public area where it has been licensed as cannabis consumption legal. Your criminal defense attorney would tell you about the laws. If you are found to carry more than the specified amount of marijuana, you would be charged with a drug crime.  

Defenses When Police Finds Drugs in Car: 

There are several factors including the number of drugs through which you would be able to challenge your prosecution’s case against you. It could be that you were not known to the fact that your car had drugs in them and thus no physical controlling them was possible thought you were found in possession of them. 


The search that has been conducted by the police might be unlawful. During ties like these, you require a drug charges defense attorney who would be able to help you with the right evidence and having a powerful case standing for you. It could also be that the lab where the drugs where measured was not done properly or any undercover police might have pressured you into transporting the drugs. 

Why Charged with Intent to Sell Being a Recreational Drug User: 

Your attorney would be able to help you challenge the number of drugs found on the property. They would help you prove your innocence if you deserve so. Law enforcement would arrest someone with intent charges trying to demonstrate a pattern. 

These are the top things that would help you gather information and gain knowledge regarding top things to know about California drug law from drug charges defense attorney.