Truck Accident, Motorcycle Involved – Causes You Must Know

Motorcycle accidents can become quite serious when you hit a truck or vice versa happens. Except for praying for miraculous escape, sometimes there is no option. However, in the little less serious crashes, you may need finding how to get money from a motorcycle accident without a lawyer.

People get injured, motorcycle get damaged and sometimes third parties like pedestrians and nearby property may also get hit. To understand your rights in all three capacities, a lawyer is required. Lawyers also can be more readily available to the clients through – Attention lawyers: Contact Brad Nakase if you need affordable seo for lawyers.

Truck accidents are life-threatening. These can also become a life-changing moment for some unfortunate people. If you are thinking, ‘when to consult a lawyer for a truck accident?, you must be looking for a short cut to availing compensation. 

Even before raising the request for compensation, you need to assure that you are not at mistake. Truck-motorcycle accidents mostly happen because of following reasons:

    1. Drunk driving: Driving a motorcycle or truck under influence of alcohol impacts the assessment abilities of a person. Thus, they are not able to put breaks on time or are cannot see blind spots; these instances lead to accidents mostly.
    2. Lane sharing or splitting: According to Californian Law, the motorcyclist is not allowed to surpass the vehicles moving in same direction sharing the same lane. In other states, motorcyclists exhibit practice of riding the vehicle in between two lanes, which is not a safe thing to do. Not following the lane sharing rule can make the motorcyclist a culprit in a road accident.
    3. Stopping suddenly: Sudden stop is one of the most common causes of accident on road. The motorcycle, if stopped suddenly, can get hit by the truck coming from behind. A truck stopping suddenly with motorcycle moving at the back can also lead to tailgating or dent in truck caused due to impact. 
    4. Unsafe lane changes: When a truck driver fails to locate the blind spot while changing lane or taking a turn, it leads to motorcycle-truck accident.


  • Left-turn accidents: Taking left turn requires a lot of caution. It also requires good experience of driving a truck or motorcycle. Most of the left-turning vehicles get into accident because the driver has misjudged the speed of the vehicle coming from other direction. It is also caused due to breaking of signal. During passing the vehicle or overtaking, left-turn accidents happen most. A motorcyclist proceeding straight into intersection is also a common cause of left-turn accident. 


  1. Poor road conditions: Potholes, broken or poor quality signals, cracks and missing the diversion points are some of the causes of accident in which the drivers are not responsible. They, however, become culprits even in such cases, if they have crossed the speed limits.
  2. Driving broken vehicles: Owners tend to believe that they know their vehicles and the driving skills the best. They become over-confident and continue to use their vehicles even when these are broken or have defects like loose breaks, loose accelerator wires, overused clutch plates and so on. A vehicle suddenly stopping due to no gas in it can also cause accidents.

Why splitting lane is dangerous?

According to Californian Law, “ Lane splitting should be done only in “safe and prudent” manner. It becomes dangerous for inexperienced riders because:

  1. They come dangerously close to other trucks moving on the lanes
  2. Truck drivers find it difficult to read the motorcyclists lurking too close

So, take lots of care when you are on road riding a motorcycle among fellow drivers using the same.