When A Family Member Passes Away, Who Pays For The Funeral?

Someone passing away is a tough experience for their family and loved ones, but after some time comes to the question of who pays for the funeral? This question is very personal, however, it is important to discuss it so keep reading. Many factors can play to the funeral cost like selling the deceased person’s estate to cover the cost and other examples that will be discussed further on. When it comes to topics like these the best place to look for legal advice is the estate lawyers Perth at HHG Legal.

Let’s break down how the cost of the funeral will be distributed.

Who Can End Up Paying For The Cost

There are a variety of options that are available when it comes to paying for the funeral. This can be broken down to if the person who passed paid for the funeral beforehand or if they did not. 

It is possible that the person who has passed could have paid for the funeral beforehand with straight-up payment or through assets. This will be discussed later but more often the person who passes is caught off-guard and didn’t have a plan beforehand, so what happens then?

If the funeral was not paid beforehand then the cost falls back onto the family or the assets of the deceased person. If the family member who passed away owned property then that can be used to help cover through selling it. Having property lawyers perth can help make this process a lot easier. Otherwise, if the person who passed didn’t have any land then the cost will fall onto the family to pay for outright.

Can A Funeral Be Paid For Beforehand?

A funeral can be paid beforehand if it is planned ahead of time by the person who has passed. Through either paying beforehand or getting an executor to cover the cost through their assets, the funeral cost can be covered ahead of time. This helps relieve a lot of the stress the family will take so if you have the time then maybe planning this out early can help ease the pain of your loved ones.

How A Will Goes Through

When a family member or a loved one passes then their will is respected and everything is distributed. Why this is important is that the assets obtained from the will can be used to help cover the funeral either all together or partially. For this to happen though more than likely you will need someone to help sell off the land the deceased person owned or need the wealth to be distributed correctly. This is when an executor comes into play and can help organize the money and assets that everyone is given.

How An Estate Lawyer can help

During the distribution of the assets, there is a potential chance that you need some of the earnings to cover the cost of the funeral. HHG Legal’s estate lawyers Perth are qualified and ready to help you claim the parts of the will that you were given. The lawyers will help you with the inheritance and other aspects so that you can pay for the funeral and move on without any debt on your shoulders.